Universal Vital Essence (15ml)



The Energising Beauty Concentrate for all skin types

• Day after day, the skin fully recovers its energy and vitality
• The face looks radiantly beautiful
• The active ingredients from the subsequently applied skincare products penetrate the skin for a better efficiency


Apply to face daily, underneath your skincare products.
Avoid the eye contour.


5 Prodigious Essences: Diffuse their beneficial properties into the heart of skin and stimulate the skin’s biological processes: the active ingredients from the subsenquently applied products penetrate the skin for a better efficiency.
Essential Oil of Sage: Regenerating.
Essential Oil of Lavender: Soothing.
Essential Oil of Rosemary: Purifying.
Essential Oil of Shiu Wood: Revitalising.
Essential Oil of Red Thyme: Toning.

Hydrosmose Complex: Intensely moisturises the skin.
Pro-Oxygen: Helps stimulate cellular respiration.
Raspberry Seed Oil: Helps regenerate the skin’s hydrolipidic film.